Affiliate Program Details

Be a big Carpian, earn 15% of each sale – every single month!

With our new Affiliate Program, once customers sign up via your unique URL or tracking code, we give you 15% of their payment, every single month.

When you log into your Affiliate Account, you'll see a dashboard with the following link.

  • Sales and Commission - View free trials and paying customers you have referred to us.
  • Promotional Graphics - Visit this page to pick up promotional banner ads, buttons and more.
  • Text Links - These text links include promotional copy for our service, as well as the tracking codes to follow the sales back to you.

How to generate Affiliate Program commissions

To generate sales, you first need to send customers back to via an unique link generated for you. You must use this code so we can track every sale back to you.

The best way to send traffic to our site is to use your code and place banner ads, buttons or text ads on your site. A big part of the promotional push is also the promotional page. Design a few pages and link to it on your site. Customers can see what MailCarp has to offer, and link from one of those promotional pages to our own site.

Registration is free and takes only a minute!


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